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Background information

KEYNAS GROUP is a rapidly developing domestic company integrating 30 best practicing professionals, namely auditors, consultants, lawyers, and accountants, who possess over 12 years of hands-on experience in audit, tax, and law areas as well as outsourcing, who have deep knowledge of the specifics of the main industries and business in Ukraine.

Thanks to our experience in the execution of similar projects in the various business areas, we are able to offer the best possible solutions.

Our internal quality control, continuous development, and new approaches to the business will ensure the highest quality and value of the services we provide to our clients.


321  - provide a package of services;
 - constantly improve the skills of our team, train and develop the capabilities of its members;
 - ensure the multilevel internal control of the services supplied in accordance with the quality standards and professional ethics;
 - continuously improve the quality of our services;
 - individual approach to the projects implementation;
- efficient processing of the large volumes of information;
- transparency in the pricing policy;
 - immediate reaction to the assigned tasks and goals;
- gather and broad our experience of work in various industries;
- keep confidential the received information;
- insurance of the professional responsibility.


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