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The key asset of KEYNAS GROUP is its people. We created a team of professionals with innovative thinking, passion for the development and efficiency, who with enthusiasm and drive approach to the project implementation.

We like and know how to tackle a difficult and specific task. Our professional staff is extremely experienced in teamwork, which is backed by the appreciations from our clients for the implementation of projects for the leading national and foreign companies.

Our professionals are constantly trained to improve their knowledge and skills, as well as develop their capacities.

Sony DSC Nadezhda Chernysh

Auditor Certificate series A 

Specialized in: tax risks analysis, financial statements audit.
Experience: over 13 years of planning, organization and direct involvement in the implementation of various projects for the companies operating in telecom, transportation, and power industries, whole- and retail sales, upstream and downstream industries, etc.
Образование: Kiev Economic Institute of Management (ECOMEN).
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

SONY DSC Alexander Gnatchuk
Partner, legal advisor

Legal Advisor Certificate

Specialized in: consulting, representation of interests of international and local companies in disputes settlements, taxation, corporate and contractual law, M&A.
Experience: 11 years of experience in the implementation and organization of projects for key players in real estate, agro-business, pharmaceuticals, retail, communications and telecommunications, transportation areas. In 2013, became a member of the Lawyers Association of Ukraine.
Education:  Kiev National V. Getman Economic University, legal regulation of economy, holder of a master’s degree.
Languages:  Ukrainian, Russian, English.

SONY DSC Svetlana Matuzova

Auditor Certificate series A 

Specialized in:  as a Partner work with the key clients of our company, ensures the supply of versatile services to a whole number of leading international companies and public organizations.
Experience: over 13 years of experience in audit, consulting, and taxes.
Education: East European National University named after V. Dal, audit and accounting.
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian.


Our team
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