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24 Dec / 2021

Happy holidays_KEYNAS GROUPDear Colleagues and Partners!

Best wishes for a happy holiday season for you

from KEYNAS GROUP team!

08 Oct / 2021

Happy Lawyers day_2021

Dear colleagues and partners!

Congratulations on this day of the lawyer!
Always achieve your set goals, be successful,
and be faithful to the chosen cause!
Good health to you, family comfort, and wealth!


10 Sep / 2021

Main topics of the issue:

- From August 1, 2021, changes to the form and content of settlement documents come into force
- Updated income tax return form: when to report for the first time
- From August 27, there are changes to the Procedure for providing documents of a large taxpayer in electronic form during a documentary audit
- The Ministry of Finance approved three Generalized tax consultations on TP and income taxation of non-residents
- The Supreme Court agreed to a fine of almost UAH 15 million for an untimely tax invoice

Review of legislation and judicial practice in August 2021

10 Aug / 2021

Main topics of the issue:

- The Verkhovna Rada adopted as a basis the bill № 5600, which increases the rates of taxes and fees
- Criteria for selecting employers for the inspection of the State Labor and the State Tax Service from July 1
- A 3-month campaign of mandatory disclosure of ownership structure and final owners of enterprises begins on July 11
- Features of the numbering of appendices to the Joint Report on SSC
- The tax calculation for the second quarter of 2021 is submitted according to the old form
- Long-term debt for NAS can not be discounted – the position of the Supreme Court

Review of legislation and judicial practice in July 2021

16 Jul / 2021

З днем Бухгалтера!



Dear colleagues and partners,

we would like to congratulate you
on our professional holiday!

10 Jul / 2021

Main topics of the issue:

- We waited a long time and now it is – the ownership structure is soon in action
- The State Tax Authority requires to submit a notification for f. 20-OPP if there is a change in the name of the district (community)
- Tax will monitor controlled transactions in a new way from 11 June
- The Supreme Court considered the issue of applying the cash register in case of receiving payment for goods via the Internet
- The nuances of transferring to remote and homework – clarification from the Ministry of Economy

Review of legislation and judicial practice in June 2021

10 Jun / 2021

Main topics of the issue:

- The Ministry of Finance approved the Code of Criminal Procedure with the TP
- Financial statements of companies have become available
- VAT: correction of Annex 1 to the declaration
- State Tax Authorities on the peculiarities of reporting on Social Security Сontribution in the consolidated reporting
- Notification of participation in an international group of companies: unambiguous questions
- Marketing services from sole proprietors and their inclusion in tax expenses – the position of the Supreme Court

Review of legislation and judicial practice in May 2021

03 Jun / 2021

Consulting department of KEYNAS GROUP would like to present you with a topical article prepared by our consultants and published on «LIGA:ZAKON» web-portal.

The order of reflection of the debt forgiveness transaction in the company’s accounting

10 May / 2021

Main topics of the issue:

- Changes in the Salary Indexation Procedure
- Typical forms of remote work agreements have emerged
- The Ministry of Social Policy proposes to place the payment of the first 10 days of the workers’ illness on the shoulders of employers
- How comprehensive technical support of the software is VAT taxed
- Whether to reflect the depreciation of assets under the right to use leases that are recognized in accordance with IFRS
- The practice of applying fines for non-compliance with the standard of employment of persons with disabilities

Review of legislation and judicial practice in April 2021

30 Apr / 2021

Happy Easter!

Dear colleagues and partners!

Happy Easter to you and your family!