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01 Mar / 2024

Key issues
- Updated declaration form: from what period is it applied
- Military collection with a natural coefficient from 2022!?
- The National Bank changes the conditions for buying foreign currency

Experts advice
- Correspondence through the Taxpayer’s Electronic Cabinet is possible after the taxpayer’s corresponding application

Court practice
- Reversal effect of the changes on extended terms of registration of PN and reduced fines for their violation

News Digest_29.02.2024

02 Jan / 2024

Key issues
- “Military” vacations: changes have come into force
- In 2024, the DPS will update the inspection plan monthly

Experts advice
- Salary issues – 2024: what to pay attention to

Court practice
- Supreme Court: signs of beneficial ownership when paying income to a non-resident

News Digest_31.12.2023

15 Dec / 2023

Key issues
- Methodological recommendations regarding fuel consumption norms have appeared
- Return of goods when 1,095 days have passed since the date of purchase (IPK)

Experts advice
- Restoration of tax audits: who can expect “guests”

Court practice
- The possibility of avoiding fines after a tax audit
- Determination of the VAT tax base for products of own production

News Digest_15.12.2023

01 Dec / 2023

Key issues
- Warning! Inspection plan-2024: check if your company is there
- Unblocking tax bill/ adjustment calculation: pay attention to the deadlines
- PPE worth less than UAH 20,000: how to show in the declaration

Experts advice
- Details of the residence status certificate: “expectations” and requirements

Court practice
- The Supreme Court: the term of legalization (apostillization) of the residence status certificate

News Digest_30.11.2023

16 Nov / 2023

Key issues
- The Ministry of Transport canceled fuel consumption norms: what’s next
- New 90-day deadline for ZED settlements: who does it apply to?

Experts advice
- Change of director and PN registration: secure yourself in advance

Court practice
- The position and signature of the relevant person are mandatory in additional invoices

News Digest_15.11.2023

31 Oct / 2023

Key issues
- The National Bank lowered the discount rate
- From November 7, the new control of goods at customs will start
- Methodological errors in the KO Report: will there be a penalty

Experts advice
- WARNING! SAF-T UA: do not store in a long box
- submission of ownership structure during martial law

Court practice
- The controlling body must prove the guilty actions of the taxpayer

News Digest_31.10.2023

15 Oct / 2023

Key issues
- The National Bank returns to a flexible exchange rate
- Cancellation of the moratorium on inspections: new date

Experts advice
- Electronic document flow with DPS during wartime

Court practice
- The possibility of collecting advance payment and sanctions for its delay

News Digest_15.10.2023

02 Oct / 2023

Key issues
- Loans and credits when calculating the volumes of the controlled operation
- Notification of participation in the IGC and controlled operations (IPK)
- Salary indexation in 2024

Experts advice
- VAT in case of forgiveness of accounts payable for goods

Court practice
- Income from free receipt of severance pay

News Digest_30.09.2023

15 Sep / 2023

Key issues
- Checks “for everyone” want to resume from October 1
- The procedure for calculating the average salary has been changed
- Surrender of the right to claim at nominal value and Report on KO
Experts advice
- Return of the paid product: date of drawing up the RC
Court practice
- Supreme Court: Investments, promissory notes and dividends by convention

News Digest_15.09.2023

01 Sep / 2023

Key issues
- Court appeal of blocking of PN: what is the deadline
- The non-resident code is missing: how to fill out the PN application
- Answer to the request: tax officials remind the deadlines
Experts advice
- The creditor’s sequence of crediting funds in case of insufficient funds
Court practice
- Recovery of losses from the supplier for non-registration of PN/RK in the absence of a tax audit

News Digest_31.08.2023