In the modern economic realities, the audit of the financial statements performed by an independent auditor in many cases becomes the necessity for the business owners and managers, investors, creditors, and the financial service.

The external examination carried out by the qualified auditor will improve the confidence in the financial statements, enable to assess impartially the financial and economic performance of the organization, its internal control efficiency, as well as obtain recommendations on the performance improvement.

The assistance of the auditors in the preparation and restatement of the financial statement, as well as in the transition to IFRS, will enable the business to address the challenges more efficiently.

Attracting the auditors to the independent stocktaking of assets will allow the business to cut down the labor input of its own staff, accelerate considerably the process of stocktaking as well as the quality of its results processing, and get the analysis of the reasons for the differences identified, as well as recommendations on how to record them in accounting.

We offer the following services

- audit /review of the financial statements according to the Ukrainian GAAP (National Provisions (standards) on Accounting, IFRS;
prepare and restate the financial statements according to the Ukrainian GAAP (NP(S)A);
- assist in the transition to IFRS;
- perform the agreed-upon procedures;
- independent stocktaking of assets and liabilities;
- confirm the securities issue prospect. 


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