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Outsourcing gives a possibility to increase the efficiency of solving the problems of your company in the area of accounting, finance, and legal support.

Our team has a considerable experience in serving the various areas of business. We guarantee confidentiality, high qualification and professional approach in addressing the key challenges of the operating activities.

Our knowledge of the industry specifics will enable us to ensure the records management and the legal grounds for you business operation, as well as to provide recommendations on streamlining and acceleration of some business processes.

Attracting our specialists will allow you to concentrate on your business, use the available resources more efficiently, and free up you time for something else. The quality of our services will enhance you confidence in the legal protection and reliability of the financial data.

We offer the following services:

- maintaining accounting and tax accounting records;
- salary accrual and payment;
- personnel administration;
- legal support to business operations;
- financial director function outsourcing.
- professional interpreters/translators – English, French.


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