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Due Diligence

The need in the Due Diligence arises when planning the acquisition of a business and investing into new projects, when it is necessary to get a true and fair view of the investee. Our specialist will help you to evaluate the investment risks, perform an independent analysis of the investee, examine thoroughly the company operations, provide a comprehensive analysis of the financial situation and the market position, and to carry out a complex, objective examination.

When performing the Due Diligence our professionals practice a comprehensive approach to the investee, analyzing it from the legal, economic, and financial perspective. We supply information for the evaluation of the benefits and liabilities associated with the planned transaction having accumulated and investigated all aspects of the business to be acquired, and identify all the possible risks.

The Due Diligence performed by our professional staff will let you obtain an exhaustive and reliable information about the commercial attractiveness of the planned transaction or investment project.

We offer the following services:

- pre-investment financial and tax examination, and legal evaluation;
- check the legal compliance and commercial attractiveness of the planned transaction or investment project.


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