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When you have a huge array of information and laws that change frequently, you will not have much time for their analysis and processing. The quality of consulting depends on the professional expertise of the consultants. It is our company that will provide you with immediate support and practical recommendations of the skilled professionals.

Cooperation with us will enable you:

- obtain our “on-line” consultations on the important issues grounded on the current laws of Ukraine, law enforcement practice, and the tax authorities position;
- react immediately to any change in the legislation;
- obtain practical recommendations on how to interpret the specific situation;
- save resources when searching for an answer to your question;
- evaluate the planned management decisions from the perspective of possible risks associated with accounting as well as the tax implications (based on the agreements, business plans).

When you have matters needing consultations and recommendations of the competent professionals, we will gladly provide you with all necessary information required to make an adequate decision.

We offer the consultations in the following areas:

- accounting and tax accounting, planning, tax optimization;
- labor laws;
- transfer pricing;
customs laws;
- analysis and development of business blueprints, strategic planning;
- development of internal regulations and accounting policies;
- transaction tax due diligence.


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