Due to the regular changes in the local tax laws the tax services has become strongly demanded by the large and medium-size business with private and corporate capital.

The key challenges that will be addressed upon the project completion will be the risk management in place and the improved efficiency of the tax policy used.

The experts of KEYNAS GROUP will help you to decrease the probability of unreasonable overpayment of taxes and duties, provide you with the information and recommendations needed for the timely preparation for the tax inspection.

The practical recommendations on boosting the efficiency of the approaches and methodologies applied, optimization of the accounting department operations, working out the financial strategy, provided by our professional staff will enable your company to focus on its major business processes.

We offer:

Tax consulting:
- display of transactions in tax accounting (income and VAT tax, PIT and the single social contribution, CFC, excise duty and other taxes and fees);
- application of Conventions on Avoidance of Double Taxation;
- tax planning and risk management.
Analysis and evaluation of tax risks:
- analysis and evaluation of tax risks (holistically, separate taxes/operations, as part of Due Diligence);
- support of the preparation of tax reporting of legal entities;
- preparation of personal income tax declaration.
Support during inspections:
- assistance in preparing for tax audits;
- preparation of responses to the tax authorities requests;
- support during tax audits;
- appealing against the inspections results.


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