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Review of legislation and judicial practice

10 Aug / 2017

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we offer you a review of the legislation in Jule 2017.
We are sure that you will find for yourself interesting and useful information.
Key news of the issue:
- Mandatory use of the seals is abolished as from 19.07.2017;
- To obtain an electronic digital signature the new forms of registration documents are required;
- If you lost your accounting data due to the virus attack, please, inform the State Fiscal Service about it before 04.08.2017;
- Tax invoices for this June may be registered by 07.2017: no fines will be applied;
- Criteria for the evaluation of the risk level: new checkpoint on the way of the tax invoice registration;
- What one shall do if the registration of the tax invoice or update invoice is blocked;
- Now we have the list of the legal forms of the nonresidents the transactions with which may be recognized as the controlled ones;
- Report on the controlled transactions for 2016 shall be filed using the updated form;
- There is a new procedure for checking up the auditors based on the client’s complains;
- It is illegal to impose the fines of 30 x minimal wages for the failure to inform the tax authorities about hiring a new employee. Review of legislation and judicial practice in Jule 2017