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Review of legislation and judicial practice

10 Jan / 2019

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Dear colleagues and partners,
Please find below the news headlines for December 2018.
Key news of the issue:

  • Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine have been approved: key novelties review
  • As from February 7 the payment deadlines under the export contracts to be increased from 180 to 365 days.
  • Who and when shall make its audited financial statements public
  • Finding out the accounting dimensions of an entity: examples provided by the Finance Ministry
  • The Finance Ministry approved the IFRS financial statements taxonomy translation
  • The methodological recommendations on how to prepare the Governance Report have been published
  • The tax authorities do not “see” the exchange differences losses on liabilities to the related parties-nonresidents: unexpectedly, but rather inventively
  • Обзор законодательства и судебной практики за декабрь 2018г.