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Review of legislation and judicial practice

10 Apr / 2019

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Dear colleagues and partners,
Please find below the digest of news for March 2019.

Headline news for the issue:
• New criteria for periodicity of inspections undertaken by Gostruda (Labor Ministry) has become effective
• Just as everybody expected: Statistics agency does not need any Management Report
• Please note: the controllability of transactions between a resident and non-resident via the link of insignificant intermediates affects not the related parties only
• Exchange differences related to the loan from the related party – nonresident: Finance Ministry has rejected the fiscal approach
• Cutting price, if more than 3 years passed since the tax invoice issue date, is not beneficial to anyone
• Compensation to the employee for the funds he/she spent in favor of the company: SFS treats it as the additional benefit, while the Finance Ministry does not.
• How to prove the beneficiary status of the nonresident recipient  of the income: creative view of the court
Обзор законодательства и судебной практики за март 2019г.