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Review of legislation and judicial practice

10 Jul / 2019

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Dear colleagues and partners,
Please find below the news review for June 2019.
Major news headlines:
- Traps for business is not everywhere: fines for the violation of cash transactions have been canceled
- The Ministry of Finance gave birth at last, praise it: updated IFRS and their interpretations have been published
- A new reason for a headache: draconian deadlines for registration of excise tax invoices will become effective as from July 1
- Excise tax invoices for the sale of fuel for coupons should be prepared by petrol stations rather than sellers of the coupons
- The huge penalty for not registering excise warehouses will be applied from October 1, 2019
- Date when VAT-liabilities emerge is not pegged to the date of the title for the goods transfer
- It’s the same old stuff: free food according to the principle of “buffet” is a taxable income
- There is no penalty for not creating a commission for social insurance, but the Social Security Fund has a certain influence
Обзор законодательства и судебной практики за июнь 2019г.