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Review of legislation and judicial practice

10 Aug / 2019

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Dear colleagues and partners,

Please find below the news review for July 2019.

Major news headlines:
- Electronic way-bill
- Currency liberalization by the NBU: the limit on the repatriation of dividends has been canceled
- New form of the excise invoice and procedure for filling it out
- Standards of natural loss of grain during its storage
- Fuel tank of any auto containing fuel is not an excise warehouse
- Cash register has failed, while we do not maintain KURO: what a company has to do
- Armed Forces of Ukraine allowed provide meals to employees in form of the “buffet” without charging any personal income tax
- From now on a salary in an employment contract can be presented as the equivalent amount in foreign currency
Обзор законодательства и судебной практики за июль 2019г.