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10 May / 2021

Main topics of the issue:

- Changes in the Salary Indexation Procedure
- Typical forms of remote work agreements have emerged
- The Ministry of Social Policy proposes to place the payment of the first 10 days of the workers’ illness on the shoulders of employers
- How comprehensive technical support of the software is VAT taxed
- Whether to reflect the depreciation of assets under the right to use leases that are recognized in accordance with IFRS
- The practice of applying fines for non-compliance with the standard of employment of persons with disabilities

Review of legislation and judicial practice in April 2021

30 Apr / 2021

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter to you and your family!


10 Apr / 2021

Main topics of the issue:

- In three months the transition to electronic workbooks will start
- The report on controlled transactions is approved in a new form
- The NSSMC will not penalize for failure to submit annual financial statements for 2020 based on the Taxonomy UA IFRS XBRL
- The updated VAT return is submitted starting from the March 2021 reporting
- The State Labor Service gave examples of how you can get monetary compensation instead of vacation days
- The State Tax Service explained to farmers the rules of drawing up the Tax Invoice / Calculation of Adjustments for transitional operations

Review of legislation and judicial practice in March 2021

10 Mar / 2021

Main topics of the issue:

- Approved changes to the tax invoice and VAT declaration
- “Remake” of COATSU by the Ministry of Regional Development we are to use since 2021: but this is not certain
- The law on teleworking was signed
- Approved the form and procedure for submitting Country-by-Country Report
- The limitation period has been suspended for the period of the quarantine
- We must keep sick leaves for 3 years: more – only at will

Review of legislation and judicial practice in February 2021

05 Mar / 2021

Зі святом весни!



10 Feb / 2021

Main topics of the issue:

- The combined reporting on personal income tax and unified social tax is submitted for the first time in the first quarter of 2021
- The Ministry of Finance has issued new Generalized Tax Consultations
- Accelerated depreciation only for high-income earners
- What you need to switch to electronic workbooks
- State Labor Inspections 2021: what and how
- Annual leave continues on sick leave without an employee’s application

Review of legislation and judicial practice in January 2021

10 Jan / 2021

Main topics of the issue:

- Classic “January 1st”: new minimum wage and living wage
- Changed the form of the income tax declaration
- Updated Order 100: changes not worth ignoring
- Statistical reporting – 2021: certain reporting forms cancelled and new ones introduced
- Provision of services with payment through LiqPay, Portmone, Privat24: finally it is possible without PTR
- All BEPS: what is the three-level TP-reporting introduced from 2021
- From January 1, a new list of commodities for shopping centre purposes is in force
- Report on UST for December 2020 according to the old form, which was taken and updated

Review of legislation and judicial practice in November 2020

24 Dec / 2020

Season Greetings

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10 Dec / 2020

Main topics of the issue:

- Installed fines for individuals for lack of a mask in the premises and public transport
- Depreciation is also charged on the car arrested after an accident
- The Supreme Court noted the illegality of State Labor inspections based on information from PFU
- The sale of goods for export below the cost price can be considered non-economic activity
- Fiscal receipt by SMS, Viber, Telegram – STS explained the nuances for sellers

Review of legislation and judicial practice in November 2020

27 Nov / 2020

податкові шрафи
The Consulting Department of KEYNAS GROUP would like to present you with a topical article prepared by our consultants and published on the «LIGA: ZAKON» web-portal.
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