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17 Apr / 2020

статья лига
Consulting department of KEYNAS GROUP would like to present you with a topical article prepared by our consultants and published on «LIGA:ZAKON» web-portal.
Overseas employment mediation services for non-residents: VAT taxation

17 Apr / 2020

Happy Easter!

Dear colleagues and partners!

Happy Easter!

10 Apr / 2020

Main topics of the issue:

- Anti-virus changes in legislation
- The requirement to notify the SFS about the hiring of a director was canceled
- Updated the procedure for returning erroneously or overpaid funds
- No one canceled the commercial and documentary exemptions for the budget refund of VAT
- The employer reimburses the fare to the employees
- It is not forbidden to enter counterclaims with non-residents

Review of legislation and judicial practice in March 2020

02 Apr / 2020
10 Mar / 2020

Main topics of the issue:

- New fines for violation of labor laws come into force from 2 February, 2020
- Amendments to the Regulation on the registration of VAT payers
- Receipt of the payment terminal – not a settlement document – no need to store 3 years
- “Horse Riding” or #Coronavirus of the Brain: wait for a visit to Gostruda with educational program about coronavirus
- Self-representation of a legal entity in court – an innovation you should be aware of
- And this is not a joke: from 1 April, 2020 they will begin to be fined for unlicensed storage of fuel

Review of legislation and judicial practice in February 2020

06 Mar / 2020

Watercolor floral Background1Dear colleagues, partners!

We wish you merry spring festivities!

10 Feb / 2020

Main topics of the issue:

- New Incoterms 2020 Rules
- The new tax invoice blocking order has been in effect since February, the 1st
- VAT declaration form updated
- Updated profit declaration form
- Оperation at a loss – does not mean that the operation is non-economic
- Refusal to provide the necessary documents to the State Labor is an obstacle to verification

Review of legislation and judicial practice in January 2020

10 Jan / 2020

Main topics of the issue:

- Corporate party at the expense of the employer – without additional benefit for employees
- Got a car – submit Form no. 20-OPP
- Discounting loan debt does not require adjustments to the financial result
- “Yes, no, probably”: is it so necessary to approve the staff list
- Do you see the representation? But it exists…: judicial practice of recognition of permanent establishment

Review of legislation and judicial practice in December 2019

24 Dec / 2019

novyi-god-2018-elka-shary-bokeMerry Christmas and Happy New Year!






10 Dec / 2019

Main topics of the issue:

• State Budget 2020
• Determine the normal price for VAT purposes
• The Regulations on conducting cash transactions have been amended regularly
• Facebook advertising: how to document your expenses
• The amount of money arrested cannot exceed tax debt
• Free distribution of promotional items: VAT
• In the case of a summary of working time, the employer should take into account rest time
Review of legislation and judicial practice in November 2019