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26 Apr / 2019



Dear colleagues and partners!

Happy Easter!

10 Apr / 2019

Dear colleagues and partners,
Please find below the digest of news for March 2019.

Headline news for the issue:
• New criteria for periodicity of inspections undertaken by Gostruda (Labor Ministry) has become effective
• Just as everybody expected: Statistics agency does not need any Management Report
• Please note: the controllability of transactions between a resident and non-resident via the link of insignificant intermediates affects not the related parties only
• Exchange differences related to the loan from the related party – nonresident: Finance Ministry has rejected the fiscal approach
• Cutting price, if more than 3 years passed since the tax invoice issue date, is not beneficial to anyone
• Compensation to the employee for the funds he/she spent in favor of the company: SFS treats it as the additional benefit, while the Finance Ministry does not.
• How to prove the beneficiary status of the nonresident recipient  of the income: creative view of the court
Обзор законодательства и судебной практики за март 2019г.

19 Mar / 2019

pc Consulting department of KEYNAS GROUP
would like to present you a topical article prepared by
our consultants and published on «LIGA:ZAKON» web-portal

Валютный эквивалент цены товара: учетное погружение

10 Mar / 2019

 Dear colleagues and partners,
Please find below the highlight of the news for February 2019.

Key news of the issue:
- Mandatory sale of proceeds in foreign currency has been cut to 30%
- No Declaration on the currency valuables is submitted as from 1Q2019
- Parliament has ratified the MLN Convention
- Information to be disclosed by securities issuers in their financial statements for 2018
- In order to make your employee bear financial responsibility the poofs of his fault are required
- Collect from the supplier the losses for the amount of the short-received tax credit

Обзор законодательства и судебной практики за февраль 2019г.

07 Mar / 2019

Зі святом Весни! Dear colleagues, partners!

We wish you merry spring festivities!

10 Feb / 2019

Dear colleagues and partners,
Please find attached our news review for January 2019 year.
Key news of the issue:
- Large Taxpayers Register has been updated for 2019
- National Bank of Ukraine has approved a new system for currency regulation
- What entities have to submit the Management Account
- Change in the controlled transactions
- January 1, 2019 the Directory for income features in Form- 1DFС was updated
- Income tax. In 2018 reports are to be filed using a new system
Review of legislation and judicial practice in January 2019

10 Jan / 2019

Dear colleagues and partners,
Please find below the news headlines for December 2018.
Key news of the issue:

  • Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine have been approved: key novelties review
  • As from February 7 the payment deadlines under the export contracts to be increased from 180 to 365 days.
  • Who and when shall make its audited financial statements public
  • Finding out the accounting dimensions of an entity: examples provided by the Finance Ministry
  • The Finance Ministry approved the IFRS financial statements taxonomy translation
  • The methodological recommendations on how to prepare the Governance Report have been published
  • The tax authorities do not “see” the exchange differences losses on liabilities to the related parties-nonresidents: unexpectedly, but rather inventively
  • Обзор законодательства и судебной практики за декабрь 2018г.

    27 Dec / 2018

    З Новим Роком та Різдвом Христовим!Dear colleagues and partners,

    wishing you a joyous holiday season and a year of happiness!

    May this Christmas be bright and cheerful and may the New Year begin on a prosperous note!

    10 Dec / 2018

    Dear colleagues and partners,
    Please find below the news headlines for November 2018.
    Key news of the issue:
    • Changes in the Tax Code of Ukraine 2019: preliminary bullet points;
    • Ukraine state budget for 2019;
    • As from December 1, the new form shall be used for registration of the tax invoices/ adjustment estimates prepared before 01.12.2018;
    • When releasing a debt is a controlled transaction;
    • The Criminal Procedure

    Обзор законодательства и судебной практики за ноябрь 2018г.

    10 Nov / 2018

    Dear colleagues and partners,

    Please find below the highlights of the news for October 2018.
    Key news of the issue:
    -  Tax invoice form has been changed
    -  New procedure for getting welfare from Social Protection Fund launched as from October 1
    - Inventor will explain: Let British interpret IFRS
    -  If to look closer: the tax authorities “see” personal income tax when the gift is returned to individual
    - State Fiscal Service recognized that 30% – adjustment of the financial result is possible just at the end of the year-  Setting off the arrears related to the interest in foreign currency and contribution to the registered capital are the grounds for the withholding tax
    Огляд законодавства та судової практики за жовтень 2018р.